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What is Amigo Bingo, the Bonuses and Promotions?

Amigo Bingo

by Yasmine Chen

Amigo Bingo, what is it? It is a bingo online room. It offers video poker and blackjack as the best gaming. It has good software for Parlay Games, Mobilots, and the concept of gaming is interesting. There is no need to download to place a wager and English is the primary language on this site.


There is no specialization in the Amigo Bingo game. In the online bingo world, Amigo Bingo is an exception. They offer only 75-ball bingo and are since 1999 an established gaming business online. Their reputation in the online gaming world is solid.


Bingo selection

Bingo is in action with the 75-ball bingo at Amigo Bingo and is not for US players as it does not accept them. The US is the place Bingo is highly popular, but Amigo Bingo with 75-ball Bingo does not accept players from the US.


There are many other types of rooms offering different varieties. The main room has around-the-clock games featuring a basic format. The Mega Jackpot room features $1,000 jackpots and is the attention grabber, among all other games.


The Buzzing room has special jackpots worth $10,000. Players can find progressive jackpots a handful, while the available stakes are not the same in any room. The progressive jackpots are in the Mega Jackpot room.

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Free Games and Other Specials

A free bingo room is Amigo Bingo, and it opens at particular day times. They provide free games from $0.05 to $0.25. It gives a chance to earn winnings of real money and to experience real money bingo excitement without worrying. There is no risk of anything.


A bingo like casino room pays its player’s deposit fees and receives a cashback of 20 percent as a rewards program. They pay 20 percent to all intents, as cashback for the net cash losses each week. It is a way of giving another chance to get into action in the bingo rooms and casino games. It works as a promotion, making it stand out from regular deposit bonuses in the online gambling industry.


Options in casino game

There is video poker game available in six types, and some are played using multiple hands. In the area of table games, roulette, and blackjack are available. The sounds and graphics are basic but are enough to start with bingo action. There are casino games of three and five –reel slots.


Promotions and bonuses

Amigo Bingo boasts new and active players with generous bonus offerings.


It offers a welcome casino bonus to new players matching their deposit bonus to 100%. The players can get a 600% match on their first deposit as a deposit bonus. The 400% of bonus is for the players making a second deposit.


Amigo Bingo gives loyalty bonuses and programs to their patrons as a reward. It starts as a third deposit on players after the welcome bonus. There are 10 levels in the loyalty program, and it depends on the bonus of the players or their loyalty level. A player receives the 1000% as they await a bonus of 600% in level 10.


Amigo Bingo provides on their site a bonus calculator and works out the bonus amount, as per the loyalty level. Therefore, the daily bonus bingo amount is different as it relies on your deposit amount.

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