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Bingo Guide, Learn to Play Pattern Bingo and Silver Screen Bingo

by Yasmine Chen

Bingo in the casino world allows playing at a time with four cards. The wager is placed on each card. It means, placing a wager of 1000 coins, each means for three cards it is 3000 coins. Changing of wager is possible, and it is to leave before the Bingo game begins. If not, you lose the coins. However, as the game begins, the coins get lost, whatever your reason for leaving.


At the beginning of the game, you must display all the cards and announce the numbers. The cards are in Bingo’s typical format with the number going in five columns up to 75.

  • B-1 through B-15
  • I-16 though I-30
  • N-31 through N-45
  • G-46 through G-60
  • O-61 through O-75


Getting a Bingo means your card will blink. Click on Bingo to claim the winnings. You may click it faster. If another player, at the same time, gets Bingo is an indication to click first to earn the bigger prize.


The prize is bigger depending on how much closer you are to the first winner. The game goes on until all the Bingo is claimed. The game is fun with more players as it means more winners. Ensure the correct numbers are marked. If not, you will receive a Bad Bingo and cannot play for a few seconds on the card. Clicking on Bingo means your coins are immediately paid to you.


Pattern Bingo

A specific pattern is followed in pattern Bingo. It may be the Traditional, Postage Stamp, Lines, Hardway, and Corners. The required pattern comes to understand as the game proceeds, and you are on the next round. In the screen’s lower left corner, you can see the required pattern:


  • Traditional- Horizontally straight line, diagonally, vertically, or four corners
  • Hardway-Vertical and Horizontal lines, except lines featuring a free space
  • Lines- Only vertical and horizontal lines
  • Corners- The board’s four corners
  • Postage Stamp- Four spaces in a square


Silver Screen Bingo

Here you get traditional patterns, vertical lines, four corners, horizontal lines, and diagonal lines. A traditional game of Bingo needs you to daub the numbers called or announced and to click Bingo on getting the numbers in the corners or a line.



Calling Bingo outside of the required pattern is Bad Bingo. When this takes place, the game lets you know the required pattern. Likewise, missing numbers means they turn red. Joining at any time at different tables is acceptable during the game.


At the screen bottom, five different tables join you. Joining a table implies buying any charm, and it goes to the players at your table. You can join a table for charms gifting while waiting to start with the next game.




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